Mannequin Makeover & Fashion Design

Try something new!

Make- Over a Mannequin

We have 10 head mannequins: Clarabelle, Alexia, Gabrielle, Chelsea, izzy , Gracie, Chloe, Paris Miley & Jasmine.

The party will begin by handing out a model head to each attendee child. The child then creates their own make-up design for the mannequin, which is both fun and creative. All materials supplied.

To finish off their make-over, we have the choice of 10 trendy wigs which they can choose from.

Each child will receive a certificate to certify they are a true mannequin make-over queen!
Each child will also have individual photos taken with their mannequin, which they will take home.

Photo Opportunity

To finish the off the party, we shall do a group photo of all you girls…..modeling our colourful & funky wigs. (A photo you can take home & cherish)

Party cost

(Maximum of 10 children to a party)

Hire the heads. make-up & wigs for £60.00 (2 hour session).

Or sit down with your feet up…and hire a host to run the show for you.

Full package – mannequins, host, photos & certificates - £99.00

Party bags can be provided for an additional £1.99 per child.

(Deposit of £50.00 is required on hiring products (refundable at the end of the party)

There will be an opportunity to have more photos taken at the end of the party, these photos will be stored on a memory card, and can be purchased for £5.00

Mannequin before Mannequin after